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Furniture | Just Peachy Home Decor | Weatherford, TX | 9404560733
The perfect piece of furniture will bring a room to life. Just Peachy Home Decor in Weatherford, TX searches Central Texas for antique and interesting...
Home Decor | Just Peachy Home Decor | Weatherford, TX | 9404560733
Just Peachy Home Decor is a new store in downtown Weatherford, TX that is quickly becoming the place to go for interesting antiques and up-cycled...
Antiques | Just Peachy Home Decor | Weatherford, TX | 9404560733
A popular pastime for many Americans is antiquing. Weatherford, TX is a great place to shop for antique furniture, home decor, and unique vintage...

In Weatherford, TX, you can find unique gifts and eclectic home decorations at Just Peachy Home Decor.

Welcome to Just Peachy Home Decor

What makes a house a home is you. The things you like and the items that reflect who you are add personality and style to your home. Just Peachy Home Decor offers eclectic home decor antiques and furniture not found anywhere else. By looking at everyday items in a fresh way, we create new uses for previously unusable objects.

If you are searching for something a bit different, we have custom paint and distressed furniture pieces at Just Peachy Home Decor. From shabby chic to farmhouse industrial designs, we have home furniture to match most decors. Painted furniture is a popular choice for many decors, and our custom pieces sell quickly. These unique furniture items add a pop of color and whimsy to an otherwise dull room.

Our talented team scours estate sales, flea markets, and yard sales for interesting items. We look for pieces that we can resurrect. We turn these items into eclectic home decorations that are creative and beautiful. Our staff is committed to offering the highest quality home accessories and rare gifts in Weatherford, TX.

Finding a high-quality piece of antique furniture often takes months of searching. At Just Peachy Home Decor, we repurpose furniture to create new heirloom pieces. We are very particular about the home decor antiques we offer, and we are confident you will find furnishings that speak to you.

At Just Peachy Home Decor, everything old is new again. We offer eclectic designs, repurposed furniture, and exceptional antiques at our Weatherford, TX store. Our custom painted furniture and whimsical accessories will add the finishing touches to any room. Stop by our store today!